About us

We are a young team of data scientists, software engineers and photographers that have a passion for new technology and innovative business solutions.


Our story began several years back as research scientists with a focus on data analysis and network theory.

We have the vision that an international service provider with standardized procedures and code of conduct is beneficial to our partners and customers.


Dr. Kai Voges

CEO, co-founder

PhD in neuroscience

Operations, systems,


Bobby profile.png

Bobby Carrington

Head of customer success

BA communications

Sales / marketing,

business development


Ian Bennett

Product manager

BA psychology

Market research, software development

RIva profile.png

Riva Yudha

Frontend developer

BS engineering

UI/UX design, implementation


Dr. Cullen Owens

CBO, co-founder

PhD in neuroscience

Business development,


Brain Pool Profile Pic - Jason.jpg

Jason Lin

Head of finance

MSc intl. business

Finance, legal


Nalin head.jpg

Nalin Advani

Advisory board

MBA management

Strategy advisor,

Japan liaison

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-20 at 13.20.22.jp

Andhana Utama

Backend developer

BS engineering

Hardware/software integration,


Our Story

Having worked in research for more than ten years our vision came together in the Netherlands as PhD students and crystalized in Singapore.  The many challenges as scientists include the integration of state-of-the-art technology for the capture of high precision data and to process these data creating meaningful outputs. This includes the implementation of custom software and applied analytics. To capture the data we needed, we had to adapt the technology in a way that would answer the questions at hand, not change the questions. Based on this experience we believe that we can assist our clients by offering unique customized solutions with high precision, using unmanned aerial vehicles as well as imaging and analysis techniques.

Our Vision

One decade ago, when the first smart phone arrived, many people might not have predicted how much it would change the world. We believe the utility of drones has not yet been fully realized and 10 years from now, everyone will utilize unmanned aerial devices, either in delivery, surveying or other fields. As technology development continues to accelerate, we plan to serve businesses to integrate this technology into their future. By starting out in South East Asia, a region specifically open to new technologies, we plan to deliver standardized service for international corporations. The aim is to deliver high quality standards and safe procedures across the world.