for more certainty

Reading patterns

BRAIN POOL TECH's experience

in pattern recognition and analysis

help you to evaluate information,

foster automation, and improve communication

for the public and private sector.

This is even more important in an ever faster 

changing world with global pandemics and

an increasing risk of natural disasters.

Based on high-resolution spatial data, movement profiles and AI our solutions benefit large events & venues,
real-estate owners, insurance companies, construction projects, and governments.
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Aerial View of a Drone

You can take action now

Drone-enabled solutions are transforming the way the world works and how we generate information.

See how our data can change and improve the view on any type of event and property.


Your event and venue

Custom software solutions for crowd control, fleet management, and pathway optimization for successful management.

Check out how our software helps you to improve logistics in large spaces.

Aerial View Of Palm Plantation With Dram

Prepared for the future

With the rise of natural disasters and global pandemics it is more important than ever to be ready with any event and venue.

See how our platform helps with crowd control, risk assessment, and preparedness.

Our partners

"It was great working with Brain Pool Tech on the SICC 27 hole redevelopment project. Their drone surveys helped the team greatly to monitor the progress, facilitate remote design approvals, cut costs and communicate more effectively with all stakeholders."


​Check out our technology and the people behind it:

Frontiers in technology

Emerging technology has opened completely new ways for us to look at and interact with the world we live in.

See how we employ drone technology, AI, and data science to create solutions for you.


Talent for a better world

Our team of data scientists and engineers strives to solve global problems of natural disasters and crowd control.

See the people behind

Brain Pool Tech and their passion for this mission.

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Civil Engineer Surveying

Need a drone survey for your project?

Get in touch with our experienced pilots and analysis team to cover all your needs!

Business Partners at Work

Interested in disaster management?

You have AI, 3D, AR, or VR capabilities? Get in touch with our development team!


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